Wanted to get back to your ‘ Pre-stroke self’ Or Feeling a altered sense of self???


Steadfast brings here a comprehensive stroke rehabilitation programme for you and your loved ones who is in the journey of stroke recovery.

We do understand the depth of changes that a devasting condition like stroke brings in your life such as loss of identity,familydisruption,and loss of valued activities,hereby runing all your life plans and goals. Keeping these important points as our basic assumptions for service delivery we have tailored this comprehensive stroke rehabilitation programme for you under one roof.

We believe that together we can beat the challenges so come on Say yes to “I WILL AGAIN….”

Our comprehensive stroke rehabilitation programme is here to deal with all the challenges that comes your way of recovery after stroke and help you celebrate the small victories over it.Our CSRP is not only going to improve your physical and mental health but also will bring a sense of complete you .

We provide:

  1. intensive physical therapy through necessary exercises and equipments  to improve existing physical capabilities of stroke survivors
  2. full support to regain physical and mental independence in their activities of daily living.
  3. skill trainining to restore wellness of both patient and caregiver
    training of new skills to facilitate resumption of prior life roles and community reintegration
  4. information on prevention ,recognizing and managingcomorbidities through our team approach.

Your single step towards us may bring the whole world towards you.so contact us today@:918073643202


What our patients say about us

I am very much thank full to steadfast especially Dr. Rubeena for solving my neck pain in 1 week without any medication. Really it was a miracle.

Gloria Priston

Wow! It's a miracle to me #i m suffering badly. Just in one week, it's like a magic... Wow  my pain was gone#

Happy to see my child standing and taking first step. Thank you Steadfast.

Renuka Reddy
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