Indian Premier Medical Institute “AIIMS” Invites Our Neuro Physiotherapist Dr.Prabhu MPT(Neuro) For Back Pain & Neck Pain Radiology Lecture

Physiotherapy unit of India’s top medical institute ” All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi” has invited Spine and Stroke Neuro Physiotherapist Dr.Prabhu for 2 days workshop on “Radiological Interpretation  of Spinal Conditions [X-Ray, MRI, & CT Scan]

Dr.Prabhu says, success of rehabilitation depends on the effectiveness of the Physiotherapist’s evaluation. The more thorough the evaluation, the more substance the Physiotherapist has on which to build the rehabilitation program.

Dr.Prabhu MPT (Neuro), CSMT (Manipal), (PhD)

Many of the Physiotherapist’s evaluation tools—observation, palpation, goniometry, manual muscle testing, ligamentous stress testing, joint-end feels, joint mobility testing— are dependent on the Physiotherapist’s own perceptive skills and have an inherent degree of subjectivity and limitation.

Dr. Prabhu, has added that imaging can provide an objective, visual aspect to the evaluation that makes the expertise of the physiotherapist more comprehensive. 

The Physiotherapist’s knowledge of functional anatomy becomes more dynamically effective by allowing direct visualization of the processes of growth, development, healing, disease, and dysfunction. He also stresses that the information the Physiotherapist seeks is often of a different nature than the information the physician seeks and of a different nature than may be described in the radiologist’s report.

Dr. Prabhu will be delivering lecture at Conference hall of AIIMS, on 10th & 11th of August 2019, which could be eye opener for many physiotherapists in New Delhi, India

Please visit following website for more information or contact Physiotherapy unit, Department of Medicine, AIIMS, New Delhi:


What our patients say about us

I am very much thank full to steadfast especially Dr. Rubeena for solving my neck pain in 1 week without any medication. Really it was a miracle.

Gloria Priston

Wow! It's a miracle to me #i m suffering badly. Just in one week, it's like a magic... Wow  my pain was gone#

Happy to see my child standing and taking first step. Thank you Steadfast.

Renuka Reddy
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