Lower back pain is one of the most common reasons Indians visit their doctors, and it’s the world’s leading cause of disability. One in 10 people will experience lower back pain in their lifetime.



Sometimes, the cause of back pain is clear. It’s associated with an accident, a strain when lifting something heavy, or a sports injury. But for many people, the cause of back pain and its associated symptoms isn’t so clear.

Fortunately, pain specialists have made many advances in providing back pain relief, and one of those lower back pain treatment options could be right for you.


At first glance, the symptoms of back pain seem obvious. Your back hurts: plain and simple. Yet back pain is often accompanied by other symptoms. Yet with some back disorders, back pain is minimal or even nonexistent.

  • Sore back muscles

If you’ve strained your back by lifting something heavy or twisting it into an extreme position, the muscles of your back might feel tight and painful.

  • Limited motion

Many people feel significant discomfort when they try to bend, twist, lift, or perform even non-strenuous activities.

  • Shooting pains

Many people feel shooting pains, in their backs and radiating through their buttocks, legs, and even feet. Upper back pain is less common, but it can cause similar stabbing pains in the shoulders and arms.

  • Tingling and numbness

Some people, especially those with a pinched nerve, experience tingling sensations or numbness in their legs and feet.

If you’ve injured your back because of a fall or you’ve experienced a heavy blow to your back, schedule an appointment to see a Steadfast Center experienced pain specialist for a back pain evaluation as soon as possible.

If you have problems controlling your bladder or bowels following a back injury or after experiencing back pain, go to the nearest emergency room. These symptoms indicate potentially serious problems, and they need immediate attention.

Most injuries and muscle strains are minor and clear up within a few weeks. But they aren’t the only causes of lower back pain. Other, more serious conditions can cause back pain and these disorders need to be evaluated and treated by an experienced back pain specialist:

  • Slipped or herniated disc

Your spinal discs consist of a tough, rubbery outer membrane and a jelly-like interior. If something ruptures the membrane, the jelly-like interior can leak or become displaced. The displaced discs can put pressure on spinal nerves.

  • Degenerative disc disease

Your spine experiences a lot of wear and tear, and it’s natural for the spinal discs to become more brittle as you age. Most people don’t experience symptoms associated with these changes, but some experience significant back pain.

  • Osteoarthritis

The joints in your spinal column may become inflamed, particularly as you age. Left untreated, osteoarthritis can progress into spinal stenosis, a narrowing of the spinal column.

  • Osteoporosis

Aging can cause a significant loss of bone density, particularly for women. As bones become more brittle, the spinal vertebrae may develop tiny fractures. Vertebrae start to collapse, putting pressure on the spinal discs and nerves.


Most episodes of back pain don’t require surgery, and symptoms often disappear within a few days or weeks. If your symptoms persist, you have multiple options for lower back pain relief.

Treatment starts with a visit with one of our experience pain specialists, who will listen to your symptoms, take a medical history, and perform diagnostic procedures as needed.

Steadfast Spine Rehab is more effective than conventional forms of treatment & safer than surgery. Our latest proven techniques and evidence-based methods have helped more than 90% of our patients end back pain.


Each patient goes through a personalized 4 step rehabilitation programme comprising of personalized & effective treatment methods.

  • Diagnosis
  • Pain Management
  • Precision Treatment
  • Prevention

  • Each protocol is designed to reduce pain and disability, enable the patient to achieve personal lifestyle goals and avoid recurrence of pain.
  • The treatment plan for each patient is derived from an algorithm based on his or her specific condition.
  • Steadfast Neuro Super Specialty Rehab Center has treated many patients patients and has used the intelligence from this to create a knowledge management system.
  • This allows our medical team to classify each patient into one of over 200 different conditions and ensure that the treatment plan is one that has worked successfully for other patients with the same condition.

Steadfast Spine Rehab is more effective than conventional forms of treatment & safer than surgery. Our latest proven techniques and evidence-based methods have helped more than 90% of our patients end back pain. Our specialized Spine Physiotherapists have fellowships in Spine Rehabilitation and Orthopaedics and also have more knowledge in Radiology. They work collaboratively with an advisory panel of India’s leading Spine Surgeons, Neurologists, Rheumatologists and Doctors of Physical Medicine.

A Police official at Steadfast Back Pain Clinic

Steadfast Spine Clinic uses the latest treatment techniques proven for diagnosis, pain management & treatment of back & neck pain. Neck Pain and Low back pain physiotherapy includes:
Assessment & Diagnosis of specific pain pattern
Back Exercises
Manual Therapy
Myo Fascial Release (MFR)
Dry Needling
Ultra Sound Therapy (US)

To book an appointment or for more information regarding our Back & Neck Pain Therapy service, please call  + 91 8073643202, book online or alternatively request a free phone consultation.


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I am very much thank full to steadfast especially Dr. Rubeena for solving my neck pain in 1 week without any medication. Really it was a miracle.

Gloria Priston

Wow! It's a miracle to me #i m suffering badly. Just in one week, it's like a magic... Wow  my pain was gone#

Happy to see my child standing and taking first step. Thank you Steadfast.

Renuka Reddy
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